Owner Jennifer Masters competing in a 50 mile endurance ride

Owner Jennifer Masters competing in a 50 mile endurance ride on her Arabian gelding. Photo ©2012 John Nowell, Remuda Photography, at Ride the Storm.

Address, Phone & Email

9120 Highway 290 West | Austin, TX 78736-7811 | (512) 301-7788 | jen@jensfeedstation.com

Hours of Operation:

M-F 9:00AM - 6:00PM | Sat 8:30AM - 3:00PM

We're not just another feed store.

Conveniently located between Oak Hill and Dripping Springs in Cedar Valley, we specialize in feeding animals to maximize their potential, whether they be competition horses, 4H projects, livestock who make up your livelihood, or your personal pets. We supply products that we believe are superior for different types of animals. We only stock products that we feel are nutritionally balanced for this area of Texas.

No One-Size-Fits-All Feeds

For example, many of the common equine feeds are too high in sugar and/or protein for the workloads of most horses. This can make them too hot or difficult to handle under saddle, as well as potentially damaging to their health. We carry feeds that range from lower protein needed for horses in light and medium work to high protein feeds balanced for pregnant and lactating mares and racehorses, and a wide range of feeds in-between for horses of different body types, ages, work levels and types of competition.

Feeds You Can't Buy Elsewhere

The Feed Station handles a few products you simply can't buy anywhere else in this area. An example is a beet pulp made without molasses. Beet pulp is is often fed to horses in heavy work (race training, eventing and endurance) as well as elderly horses who can't keep weight on. Most beet pulp is sweetened with molasses. The high glycemic index of molasses in beet pulp causes elevated blood sugar levels which can fall off too quickly in long distance competition or training, although it may work well for short, intense work. If you are considering feeding beet pulp, we can help you select the right product to achieve your goals.

Owner Jennifer Masters

Jennifer Masters, Animal Nutritionist

Because every animal is different, each requires a tailored feed plan for optimal performance and health.

Just like people, all animals will thrive best if fed optimally, but there is no one-size-fits-all kind of feed for each species. Animals have weight problems, allergies, likes and dislikes, different metabolisms and activity levels. It can be frustrating, expensive and confusing to figure out exactly what your animal needs to do his best. At the Feed Station, we have our own animal nutritionist available to help you.

Custom Feed Consultations

Jennifer Masters, animal nutritionist, grew up in Austin and holds a B.S. degree in Animal Science with a Nutrition emphasis from Texas A&M University and has worked in the horse industry for over 20 years. She began training horses at age 14. After graduating from college, she went to work for a large quarter horse operation where she trained and showed throughout the southern part of the US. She has shown in hunter/jumper, dressage, western events and is now pursuing competitive trail and endurance riding. Due to her experience in so many areas of equestrian sport, she has a deep understanding of the industry and feeding concerns. As the mother of three children, she's also gleaned experience in the care and feeding of ponies, miniature horses, and a wide range of 4H animals.

Arranging a Feed Consultation is Easy and Free

Jennifer is happy to consult with you at no charge on a walk-in or appointment basis, although you may also schedule with her in advance. She can be reached by email at jen@jensfeedstation.com or by calling the store at (512) 301-7788 during business hours.

Supplements, Electrolytes, Wormers and Grooming Supplies

We stock a wide range of these products, again including some products you can't buy off-the-shelf at the other feed stores. An example is tubed electrolytes. Other stores carry electrolytes, but made for cattle. We carry products for horses as well as other livestock.